Indiabulls One09 - Gurgaon

Project Highlights

Project Highlights

The Next Great Business Hub Is Now Within Minutes Of Delhi And Gurgaon.

While history has revealed that Delhi has been the address of choice for all of India’s emperors, the corporate czars of today would rather opt for a place which has the hustle and bustle of the big city and the tranquility of a pastoral setting. Offering three floors of retail spaces and offices starting from 2nd floor onwards in a multi-story building, Indiabulls ONE09 is destined to be the setting where the next corporate empires shall be created.


Contemporary Design Oozing Opulence And Luxury.

Indiabulls ONE09 is designed to captivate with its blend of the modern and the traditional. While it offers the best in the realm of contemporary design, it spares no effort in the arena of opulence. Thereby, offering small retail spaces the infrastructure of a boutique, something that is totally in sync with large format stores. One could say that the looks of the place are sure to attract footfalls and make business sense. Besides this, the office spaces will attract not only the multinationals, but also the most reputed Indian conglomerates who would like to believe that they are also multinationals in practice.

Conference Over Cappuccinos.

Nostalgic about the street side cafes of Italy? Luxuriate in the open cafes and fountain side freshness of Indiabulls ONE09. Enjoy discussing more efficiency boosting ideas while enjoying a stiff espresso. The landscape, the sheer opulent exteriors blended with best in contemporary design, offer enough stimulation for work and play. So don’t be surprised if your ideas go into a different tangent as you soak in the atmosphere.


Large Format Stores And Smaller Boutique Spaces All Gain From The Profitable Design Parameters.

With retailing becoming more and more scientific in nature, the team at Indiabulls has engaged one of the most experienced architects to create retail spaces across three floors of Indiabulls ONE09. The presence of large format anchor brand outlets along with relatively smaller spaces for boutiques and niche retail brands shall ensure steady footfalls across all the three floors of Indiabulls ONE09. So that when a mix of fashion, accessories, sports, jewellery, food court, cinema and other entertainment brands converge in one location, it offers a heady mix for success.

Work Hard, Party Harder.

Indiabulls ONE09 promises to be the centre of entertainment in the NCR. From bowling to fun rides to video games, and a mega-multiplex that ensures footfalls, it is designed to the entertainment hub of the future. In other words, it shall be the perfect spot for families, friends, visitors and tourists to get their share of entertainment and more. Welcome to a new world of entertainment at Indiabulls ONE09.

Enjoy Globalgourmet Cuisines.

Indiabulls ONE09 offers you the world on a platter. Experience the finest cuisine that the world has to offer from cordon bleu to blueberry crepes and everything in between. The food and beverage options at Indiabulls ONE09 include food courts and restaurants, catering to varied tastes and budgets. Flexibly designed spaces allow you to create your ambience, ensuring that everything you need is within easy access.

Not Just A Business Address, A Way Of Life.

A lot of planning and experience has gone in while designing the business floor and offices in Indiabulls ONE09. There are dedicated floors for large offices starting from 10,000 square feet and above, while relatively smaller offices spaces occupy the upper floors. The unique architecture is such that open, green expanses are mixed with office clusters to offer breathing space and the freedom of holding your business meetings inside your office premises or outside in the open to enjoy the expansive green surroundings.

Indiabulls Real Estate Limited

Indiabulls Real Estate Limited

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